KDrama Ratings

Here are my drama ratings.  Keep in mind that I’m a really picky drama watcher.  I lean toward realistic plots, charming wit/humor, and emotional characters. 

Drama:                   Rating[1-10]:      Reason
Hong Gil Dong
       4                           I loved the humor–but too much humor can be twist and obscure the emotion. The love between characters was so random–I wouldn’t even call the love  between Gil Dong and Yi Nok “romantic-kissy-kissy” love.  I would just call it friendship.  Chang Whe was too stoic.  Heo Yi Nok was too bubbly not to mention ditzy.  I could only stand their “out-of-place” acting for 8 episodes.  The plot was thrilling, if not intense and I love how the Hong sisters splashed bits of humor in most of the episodes.

Capital Scandal       10                         Beautifully executed.  Great chemistry.  Very nice humor.  All my predictions shattered–totally unpredictable.  Heartwrenching at times and heartwarming at others.  Ah.  Typing about this makes me want to rewatch the series again 🙂

Fantasy Couple         6.89                          Aside from the whole love triangle deal, it’s a comical romantic driven story–light for the soul!  I never really felt any anguish while watching this—because Jo Anna always kicks the butts of those funky antagonists.  The only thing I couldn’t stand was her coward husband.  And his unbearable superviser.  And Chul Soo’s “clever” ex-girlfriend.  The ending was somewhat questionable and well, I won’t spoil it for you but I think Anna had better alternatives that the one she decided to act on.  Fantasy Couple has some flaws–but that doesn’t hinder the development of the story.

Spring Waltz         9                      I love this.  It brings hope to the down.  So idealistic and so real at the same time.  While I think Eun Young should’ve gone with Henney for his awesome personality, it’s understandable that she went to you know who.  It really portrays the love between two people–and shows that nothing can extinguish love. 

New Heart             7                   I thought this was going to be corny (like Surgeon Bong Dal Hee) and over-sensual (like Grey’s Anatomy) but boy was I wrong.  I heart Eun Sung.  New Heart includes characters whom represent a wide range of personality–ethos–which allows it to appeal and relate to its audience.  However, the plots get somewhat repetitive.  Who are they saving now?  What did that doctor get into trouble this time?  What are those two doctors plotting now?  Who likes who?  Who’s having relationship issues?  etc etc etc.  New Heart could have been mind-blowing if its episodes connected in some way and built up to something.  I stopped watching  after episode 12.

Thank You                8                       I love watching dramas in which the man of the drama really is a man.  *Sigh*  I love how they contrasted him with a coward too.  It’s about an AIDS victim, yes but I think it’s more heartwarming than mellow.  The ending isn’t too cliche either.  It’s fresh.  I feel like the writers wanted the viewers to draw their own conclusions about true love.

Delightful Girl Chun Hyang           8                         Comical and heartwarming.  Chae Rin, the evil ex-girlfriend and Mr. B are intolerable as characters, but the main leads still manage to wrap the overall storyline.  A somewhat cliche stereotypical drama (2 love triangles), that is until you reach the end 🙂  Love it! 

Full House                                            6                          Hilarious.  Hye Gyo’s bear dance is priceless.  But the storyline got too draggy and repetitive toward the end of the series.  Those main characters moping around.  Get up!  Do something other than staring into space!  Get a hold of yourself!  If you love her, show it!  Break it off with the other one you think you “love”!!!!  I don’t really like Hye Gyo’s choices but hey, it’s a drama.

Love Story in Harvard                 5                    It’s soo romantic.  It’s “mundane” in a way in that the first portion of the series takes place in a university.  But it’s so ideal–the romance–the guy chasing after you–going on dates.  But there are funky leeches who won’t get off your back.  Cocky bastards who can’t get enough of themselves.  Oh-but then there’s that dashing knight on that white horse.  Aaah.  I watched the first 5 episodes…got sick of it…watched the later episodes and was thrilled. 

Happiness                                         10                   I’m in the process of watching this series (14 eps so far) and it really does make you happy.  The plots don’t drag–and the issues/conflicts are resolved within its appropriate time.  I highly recommend this!


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